Dalet, Deir Yassin, Decolonization, & Diaspora: D Is For (Part 1)

Dalet, Deir Yassin, Decolonization, & Diaspora: D Is For (Part 1)

The Judeapedia: The A to Z’s of the current moment, from Antisemitism to Zionism. D is for Dalet to Dual Loyalty, with some controversial stops along the way. Sources & further reading inside.

Note: this post is updated as new posts are added since D has so many entries. This is a “Parent” post.

This is part of a series on antisemitism, Israel, Zionism, and current events in 2023-2024 (5784).

The intent of this series is to educate, dispel antisemitism and bigotry, and combat propaganda that endangers both Jews AND Palestinians. The misinformation around Israel and Jews is vast and ancient, well-designed, and widespread, and contributes directly to perpetuating the conflict and elevating violence above a peace process.

D Part 1 (this page):


Plan Dalet was executed in the 1948 Palestine War for the conquest of territory in Mandatory Palestine in preparation for the establishment of a Jewish state. It was a defensive plan that would not have transpired had the Arab League not attempted a 2nd Holocaust a mere 3 years after the first one ended.

Folks love to cast this as Israel’s original sin, the planning of the Nakba. But the plan clearly stated that the intent was defensive; it was meant to save Jewish lives against armies intent on utterly destroying Israel and all Jews in it. The plan also stated that villages that didn’t resist were to be occupied for defensive purposes, and left untouched otherwise. That this didn’t always happen and wasn’t 100% perfect is used to deny legitimacy to Israel, yet the same people seem intent that not 1 Palestinian should have been relocated but say nothing of the 1 million Jews who were ethnically cleansed, including in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Arab world. (See Deir Yassin. Defense. Displacement. Nakba).


In no way is this meant to belittle the suffering of Palestinians and in particular, Gazans right now. But people trying to help them are conflating Hamas, Houthis, and other groups, backed by Iran’s oppressive regime, with Palestine as a whole.

DARVO stands for Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender. It’s a tactic of narcissistic abusers, who often will do just that, and in that order. They commit some offense and deny it happened, but well, if it did then it was really YOUR fault, and all of a sudden they’re the victim. Sound familiar, Trump?

How this applies here: Jews, a minority group from the Levant, were suppressed (see Dhimmi) and then repeatedly massacred by their larger, better-armed neighbors—including actual neighbors as well as neighboring countries. We’re then told it was actually our fault, and fast forward to now and we’re told that any resistance is valid—including rape and murder (babies included)—and that as colonizers, Jews deserve it. None of these things are resistance, necessary, or productive, and in fact, harm Palestinians long-term. Victims of literal terror attacks aren’t offenders, and this inversion only infantilizes Arabs and Palestinians; it’s racist.

See also: Collective Liberation. Colonizer.

DIYD (Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t)

  • Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t (DIYD²): The conundrum for Jews who aren’t welcome anywhere. See also Schroedinger’s Jew.
  • Jews in Europe were told to “Go home to Palestine” and were always considered non-white, non-European outsiders. Jews in MENA—the Middle East and North Africa—were kicked out to Israel. Today, American Jews are being told all of us are white Europeans.
  • If you have zero options and your very survival depends on others, at some point, you may want to take things into your own hands. When Israel’s detractors say “Zionism only started 150 years ago, and in Europe”—yeah, because it was antisemitic AF, and Diaspora communities tried to make it work there for nearly 1,900 years. See Dreyfus. Inquisition.
  • The re-formation of Israel was the result of hundreds of years of trying to do just that, and thousands of years of violent antisemitism. And yet, as soon as Jews did what the world always demanded, we’re damned for being in Israel, too.

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King David (seen here, looking like a total snacc) ruled Israel around 1,000 BCE, an actual historical figure and character in the Torah.

Jerusalem is known as the City of David, and specifically, the original, ancient part of the city where the holiest site in Jerusalem still lies: the Temple Mount.

And we never left Jerusalem, or the land of Israel, entirely. We didn’t just show up in 1948.

And no, this does not justify any land theft; quite the opposite. Jews and Israelis don’t want their land and lives taken; if the ancestors of Palestinians could coexist with the ancestors of the Jews way back during David’s reign, then surely we can again. We share DNA and we share a land, and always have. Erasing David, Jews, and Israel don’t bring peace.

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Dead Jews

People Love Dead Jews. So writes Dara Horn in her brilliant investigative compendium about the world’s fascination with Jews and Judaism, as if Jews were an extinct remnant of a bygone era. In one chapter, she details the Jews of Russia, offered a region of neighboring China where a Jewish community once briefly flourished. What remains is a ghost town, a huge metropolis where from visiting the Jewish museum, you may leave thinking Jews were mysteriously vanished and left only artifacts.

The root of all antisemitism is that Jews are “other”; the world’s 2 biggest religions draw from our history and Torah while always seeking to replace us. There are fewer than 16 million Jews worldwide, and 2.38 billion Christians and 1.8 Muslims, religions that stemmed from ours. This is by design; these religions only grew by destroying Jewish bodies.

Jews serve as an unfortunate reminder of the past for so many. The larger culture sees us as clinging to ancient practices and superstitions, and more importantly, not embracing “new” beliefs. This makes us a prime target.

It perpetually blows my mind that the world and Western culture center on the death of the most famous Jew in history, including torture imagery and his death absolving them, and they don’t see how that translates into real violence against us for 2,000 years.

It perpetually blows my mind that the world and Western culture center on the death of the most famous Jew in history, including torture imagery and his death absolving them, and they don’t see how that translates into real violence against us for 2,000 years. It’s all an intellectual exercise for people. Jews aren’t real to most of the world, we’re a symbol and a tool. Killing us, again and again, genocide after genocide, means absolution for our killers. It means killing the piece of them that is ancient and that they feel is primitive, stubborn, and unworthy.

If you don’t believe me, look at how the Catholic church ignored the Holocaust and how pop-History has rewritten it as a secular slaughter when in fact, the Nazi regime was explicitly Lutheran and Aryan-Christian.

This approach to the “Jewish problem” is self-perpetuating; so many thousands of individual pogroms/genocides of Jews paint an arcing portrait of a people that must surely deserve death for some intrinsic, horrid reason. The aspects of antisemitism that are absurd on their face—that Jews control everything (2.38 billion Christians control everything), or that Jews poison and kill Christians—get etched in stone by the biggest purveyors of violence in history: Christian and Muslim empires. The resultant worldview of the far left and far right is then that Jews can’t have even 1% of Middle Eastern land; this surely must be an evil empire! Destroy it! When in fact, Jews have never had an empire; even the ancient Kingdoms were tiny and crushed by neighboring empires.

Jews have been hunted and destroyed for so very long that the West doesn’t even recognize it as a cycle and the world’s oldest hatred and genocide. Like Christian and Muslim supersession and hegemony, Jew-killing is baked into culture, government, and the very DNA of 4 billion Abrahamic siblings—half the world!—who, perhaps even subconsciously, think Killing the people who killed G-d is inconsequential.

Cyclical mass murder is retroactively justified by having the true G-d, the true faith on their side. The only path towards truly replacing Jews was to steal our book and our deity, and in doing so, accuse us of killing Him. Otherwise, they would feel some sort of humanity and remorse about it all.

  • Jews are a symbol within the larger society of cultural misdeeds
  • See also Scapegoat
  • The foundations of Western and Eastern culture are in the destruction and replacement of Jews, Judaism, and Israel
  • See Superseccionism, Replacement, Arabization
  • People don’t even see they’re treating Israel the same way they treat Jews everywhere: Double standards, retroactive justifications for absurd violence, and keeping the population artificially low and powerless to maintain it as a pressure release valve to distract from real issues and problems. Now that Jews have autonomy and self-defense, the world can’t stand it.
  • See Genocide, Antisemitism

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