Decolonization, Defamation, and Death Cult: D Is For… (Part 2)

Decolonization, Defamation, and Death Cult: D Is For… (Part 2)

The Judeapedia: The A to Z’s of the current moment, from Antisemitism to Zionism. D is for Dalet to Dual Loyalty, with some controversial stops along the way. Sources & further reading inside.

This is part of a series on antisemitism, Israel, Zionism, and current events in 2023-2024 (5784).

The intent of this series is to educate, dispel antisemitism and bigotry, and combat propaganda that endangers both Jews AND Palestinians. The misinformation around Israel and Jews is vast and ancient, well-designed, and widespread, and contributes directly to perpetuating the conflict and elevating violence above a peace process.


A culture of death and martyrdom permeates the conflict.

Is·lam·ist /ˈisləməst/ – noun: an advocate or supporter of Islamic fundamentalism; a person who advocates increasing the influence of Islamic law in politics and society.

Specifically, this means sharia law. Islamism, therefore, is an extremist, violent movement, and shouldn’t be conflated with Islam.

The radical Islamist movement teaches jihad, employs child soldiers, indoctrinates children and entire societies, and generally advocates violent takeover of the Middle East—and the world.

A shahid—a martyr—is someone who dies for the cause. Culturally, this is suicidal. Martyrs, including children, are expected to try to kill the enemy—Zionists/Israelis, Jews, nonbelievers, and Americans (westerners) are all targets—and to die in the process is the ultimate sacrifice, holding a privileged place in the culture.

In Palestine in particular, a martyr is one who died in resistance to the Israeli occupation (including all of Israel itself, not just the occupied West Bank).

Famously, Israeli PM Golda Meir said: Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.

People cry racism when discussing and defining all of this; it’s absolutely not racism.

It’s in print, in quotes from the actors themselves, and not discussing it perpetuates it and harms all Palestinians, Israelis, and Jews everywhere.

Jews in America and Europe are targets for martyrs, and children are being abused by being forced into a death cult for a cause that is not working in its stated goal to eliminate Israel. It does, however, work in its subtext: When a 14-year-old stabs an IDF soldier in Jerusalem, or a 16-year-old stabs an unarmed woman, and both are shot, the narrative worldwide is “child killed by Zionists.”Stop wanting your children to die to make people hate Israel and Jews. Then we can talk about peace. Until then, suicide-by-cop is making everyone unsafe.

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The notion that Israel is a colony is a Soviet-era propaganda piece. It also makes zero sense historically or politically.

A colony requires a host country; a colonizer isn’t from the place that is colonized. The new claim that Israel is somehow akin to the European colonization of the Americas, and the Palestinian oppression is therefore exactly like what happened to First Nations/Native Americans, is wildly incorrect. Jews are from Judea; we are indigenous to the land of Israel, we never left, and those who did were forced out by actual colonizers. We were enslaved when taken to Italy by the Romans; we didn’t move to Europe for pizza and gelato.

Jews are more comparable to the Native Americans.

The conflict is between two indigenous groups sharing the land. It was not a conquest from overseas.

The loud voices calling for “decolonization” have been duped; Israel was decolonized. It was a colony for nearly 2,000 years. The Palestinians can do the same; they refuse, and instead want to destroy Israel, and ironically are using European propaganda in an attempt to do so while embracing their larger Arab culture’s colonization tactics and rhetoric. Much of modern leftist antizionism and antisemitism comes from the former USSR, itself an oppressive regime and colonizer. Look at what’s happening in Ukraine.

The claims of apartheid, genocide, and more are all rooted in this inversion. Ask yourself; Why do you have to lie about history and demographics for your cause? Jews aren’t white and aren’t colonizers; the Jews of the Middle East especially so.

Lastly, these claims of colonization hinge on one aspect in particular: That the world only thinks of Europe’s sins when you hear the word “colony,” and that colonizers can only be white. The Arabs colonized the world first, and did so for much longer than the Europeans. In fact, they are still colonizing peoples across the Middle East and North Africa, denying them agency, land, resources, and as with Israel and the current jihad, are continually trying to erase indigenous cultures and history.

Decolonize Palestine

Decolonize Palestine is an org and website featuring an entire “Myths” section filled with, well, myths. As in, they claim they’re debunking Zionist myths, but they’re denying real facts. Examples that are easily Google-able and verified as false:

  • The UN couldn’t create Israel because it didn’t have the authority to do so
  • Palestine would NOT have a state if it had agreed to any peace plans
  • Israel hijacked all peace plans, not the Arabs

This is all revisionist and ahistorical. This myopia where Arabs are blameless for literally anything and everything helps no one; and literally, all this shit is easily Google-able and verified as false.

Lastly, they claim to want to decolonize LITERALLY ALL of the land, meaning, as with the rest of the activist left, their solution to so-called ethnic cleansing and genocide of Palestinians is, well, ethnic cleansing and genocide of Israelis. There are millions of problems with this (continued).

Displacement & Refugees:

Displaced from Palestine 1948750,000+1
Ethnically cleansed Jews from the Arab world:850,000+2
Ethnically cleansed Jews from 🇵🇱 Europe (1948-52); 1948-present: 🇷🇺 USSR and Russia, and 🇪🇹 Ethiopia3:300,000+
🇵🇱 1.38 million 95,000 🇪🇹3
🇮🇱✡️ Current Jewish population of Israel:7.2 million4
(of 9.8 million total)
🇵🇸 Current population of Palestine:5.5 million5
🇵🇸🌎 Current Palestinian diaspora, including ancestors of original refugees (Fig. 1), which makes zero sense and literally no other refugee group has a permanent, growing refugee class (see UNRWA):8.8 million6
Sources below

Decolonize Palestine Logic 101:

Send figure (6) (8+ million) to take over where figures (2)(3)(4) reside (over 7+ million), and violently, ethnically cleanse the state of Israel (a genocide, in fact). And in the meantime—for 80 years running—keep Palestinians in stateless squalor until they can take over Tel Aviv apartments, which, by the way, they didn’t live in, anyway, since the land where Tel Aviv sits was legally purchased by Jews. It was a swamp.

Read it again. Because 750,000 Palestinians were displaced in a war that Israel didn’t start, 7.2 MILLION JEWISH ISRAELIS should now be displaced. 8.8 million Palestinians outside of Palestine should be allowed to flood in, and the 5.5 million Palestinians still residing there should be allowed to move from the West Bank, for example (where Jews were ethnically cleansed after 3,000 years), to Israel proper.

That’s some 14.3 million Palestinians globally, who according to DP and other groups, should be allowed a violent transfer as justice for 750,000 displaced in 1948.

Never mind that over 1 million Jews were displaced during the same era and made peace with it, made a life, built a nation, and aren’t demanding right of return to Arab nations.

See: Right of Return. Displacement.

Demographics. UNRWA. Refugee.

Sources and further reading:


Defamation is the disparaging of a person or group, usually with an organized agenda. The Anti-Defamation League was established in 1913, and the left, including Jews, opposes it; some go as far as to blame it for censorship and police brutality.

These are antisemitic tropes; defaming Jews while attacking the ADL is ironic, at best.


“Israel has no right to defend itself” is the latest screed in delegitimization of the world’s only Jewish state. It’s not new; the Arab world, initially allied with the Nazis, has tried to destroy Israel for 80 years.

The resulting occupation has continued due to the defensive reality—if Israel leaves the West Bank, Israel gets destroyed—which is then used to justify (checks notes…) Israel’s destruction. This is circular, ahistorical logic, it’s antisemitic, it’s terrorism, and it’s the reason Palestinians can’t have peace and prosperity.

All peoples deserve peace and prosperity, including Israelis and Jews. Israel has every right to defend itself.


The antisemitic charge that Jews killed God, as in Jesus. It’s been used for 2,000 years to justify killing us and taking our land. See Dead Jews.