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March Madness: Jewish Disillusionment in the Diaspora, The Antisemitic Left, and October 7 Revisionism

March Madness: Jewish Disillusionment in the Diaspora, The Antisemitic Left, and October 7 Revisionism

Things aren’t good. A look at events in the Jewish world this week as antisemitism skyrockets and Jews around the world are increasingly alarmed

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  • 🔥 In the last 30 days: The internet blew up praising a man committing suicide “for Palestine” while attacks on Jewish businesses and interests ramped up. Below:
  • 🏆 Hamas photo wins AP top prize
  • 🪧 Berkley, & Beyond: The Activist Left Have Lost Their Damn Minds— wild Jew-hating videos included
  • 🌀 Sexual assault victim speaks out while anti-Israel forces invert the story
  • 🇺🇳 More on the UNTikTok, Antisemitism, and Jewish reaction

Hamas Photographer Wins First Place Prize For Photo of A Dead Jew; Dead Jew Not Credited

This week, an AP photo of the body of slain—and probably raped—German-Israeli Shani Louk made the rounds again as the winner of a high-profile photo contest. At issue: the body was a human being and isn’t even mentioned in the Instagram post, which was mass-reported and not removed. Importantly, anyone who photographed early Hamas terror attacks that day is an agent of Hamas, which controlled every aspect of Gaza until that day.

Berkley & Beyond: The Activist Left Have Lost Their Damn Minds

A broken clock is wrong twice a day; I never thought I would agree with the dry takes of Ben Shapiro, but here we are.

Last week feminist activist, author, and Berkley professor Judith Butler professed her love for Hamas by calling October 7 “not a terrorist attack”, seeming to indicate her support As a Jew for terror against her own people. Video here.

Also in Berkley, California this week, a city council hearing on a resolution to acknowledge Holocaust Remembrance Day—not even about Israel! Or the war!—was met with throngs of hecklers and protestors who shouted down at least one Holocaust survivor, all while calling for an actual genocide: the destruction of Israel.

They also drowned out any mentions of real, verifiable mass rape and torture on October 7 of Jews, Israelis, and foreign nationals caught in Israel by Hamas. More on that below.

What is the point of this “activism”, exactly?

Sexual Assault and New Feminism

Uniquely related to the above two items: the Jew-hating Pro-Palestine leftwing continues to deny that any rape occurred on October 7.

It’s literally on video, but that too is called Zionist propaganda.

This week, survivor and released hostage Amit Soussana gave a New York Times interview about her treatment by Hamas while captive in Gaza. It is harrowing. This, too was met with denials by so-called feminist groups and by Palestinian activists, as well as flat-out silence from others.

Meanwhile, this week Al Jazeera fabricated a story about the mass rape and executions of Palestinians at Shifa Hospital by the IDF. Though retracted as false, it is still making the rounds and largely seen as fact by major accounts and organizations, which are being amplified by so-called “activists”.

On March 28, the UN chose Saudi Arabia as the chair of a UN commission to promote gender equality and empower women around the world. You can not make this up.

Prior, the UN added Iran – fucking Iran! – to the Human Rights Council. Iran is mass arresting and executing young dissidents as you read this, while also condemning Israel — and funding Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis, all of Israel’s alliterative, genocidal neighbors.

The United Nations is a corrupt, antisemitic shitshow at the moment; see this Story highlight (Instagram) on UNRWA, the UN agency that perpetuates the Palestinian war and refugee status, thus ensuring generational resentment and revenge fantasies against Israel.

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