Delulu, Demographics, & Displacement: D Is For… (Part 4)

Delulu, Demographics, & Displacement: D Is For… (Part 4)

The Judeapedia: The A to Z’s of the current moment, from Antisemitism to Zionism. D is for Dalet to Dual Loyalty, with some controversial stops along the way. Sources & further reading inside.

This is part of a series on antisemitism, Israel, Zionism, and current events in 2023-2024 (5784).

The intent of this series is to educate, dispel antisemitism and bigotry, and combat propaganda that endangers both Jews AND Palestinians. The misinformation around Israel and Jews is vast and ancient, well-designed, and widespread, and contributes directly to perpetuating the conflict and elevating violence above a peace process.


The left paints Israel as a white country, when it is the most diverse country in the Middle East and most Israelis are not white. There are zero or nearly zero Jews left across the region.

Jews: Israel is a Refugee State

  • Israel’s Jews are > 50% of the world’s Jewish population
  • 50-60% are descended from Middle Eastern Jews (Mizrahim) who never left Israel, or were refugees from MENA countries (Middle East & North Africa)
  • The rest are largely Ethiopian Jews, Russian Jews, and descendants of Holocaust refugees

Arabs: Biggest Minority

>2 million Arabs call Israel home: Palestinians, Druze, Circassians, all other Muslims, Christian Arabs, and Armenians. No other Middle Eastern country boasts this diversity; no other NON-Arab nation has this high a percentage of Arab citizens. Brazil has the 2nd most at approx. 6% Arab population compared to Israel’s 21%.

See Displacement in this same deck for 1948 on.


*Some terms appear out of alphabetical order here due to their combination on a single slide on the original Instagram post, shown here.

Delusion. Don’t be a Delulu Lemon and spread disinformation.

You are delulu, as the kids are saying, if you believe in alt-histories, including but not limited to: Jews are white, Jews invaded/conquered Palestine, Israel is a settler-colony, etc.


Unlike misinformation, which can be unintentional, disinformation is a deliberate spread of misinformation.

Denial / Denialism

Denying facts on the ground, and even things that are literally on video. There’s widespread denial of Oct. 7 and specifically, widespread, brutal sexual assault of women and men by Hamas terrorists. This denialism serves only to demonize Israel and Jews, painting them as liars; it elevates Hamas; and it’s a blatant double standard that ties all that together into a poo package that asserts that Nothing Israel Does Is Right and Everything Hamas Does Is Justified. This is part of a larger denial of history, a disingenuous lack of grasp and diplomacy that hurts all involved.

See: Inversion. Context. 3 D’s of Antisemitism.


One of the Big Lies about Israel-Palestine history is that Jews were treated very well under Arab rule. This is part of rewriting history to portray Jews as unprincipled aggressors undeserving of peace, land, or self-rule. It also goes hand-in-hand with the disgusting lie that Jews were welcomed by Arabs, including during the Holocaust. All of this is made up.

The Arab citizenry of (then called) Palestine during the British Mandate period was already rebelling against the British and brutally raping and killing their Jewish neighbors in the 1920s and 30s to protest rising Jewish immigration, which was the result of rising antisemitism and violence across Europe and Asia. So no, Jews weren’t welcomed with open arms and weren’t treated well prior.

For centuries under Arab-Ottoman rule, Jews were forced to live under dhimmitude; a dhimmi status, often misrepresented as a “protected class”, meant only that Jews couldn’t be taken as slaves, because like Christians, they were “people of the book”.

But every other kind of treatment was A-OK. Jews had to wear identifying items and defer to Muslims in public (not unlike the American South during segregation). Jews couldn’t hold key positions, employ Muslims, and were subject to a “jizya” tax. And a whole other list of indignities, small and large, the largest being that they could be murdered by the Muslim majority—and often were, in attacks that looked much like Oct. 7, 2023, in their severity.


Diaspora is a term coined specifically for the Jewish people. It refers to anywhere Jews reside outside of Israel; by this very definition, Jews are indigenous to Israel.

This word has been adopted by all kinds of groups, which is fine, until they talk of the Palestinian diaspora and then in the same post or statement, claim the nation of Israel is illegitimate and should be destroyed.

You can’t appropriate a term like “diaspora” and then erase the Jewish people and identity. Jews were the first surviving group to experience a widespread diaspora, so we can understand if you are confused that we overcame that and now half of us live back where we originated.

And we never left.

See Weaponization, Inversion, Denialism, Demographics.


The obsession some Jews have with living ONLY in the diaspora, and in doing so, often denying our indigenous rights and ties to the land of Israel. You can dislike some things Israel has done, but you can’t deny our history, and you can’t endanger half of the world’s Jews in doing so. See also: Israelism. Brainwashing.


Diplomacy is what losing armies usually try after being shellacked repeatedly. Japan and Germany were able to rebuild their shattered nations after World War 2 and become the biggest economic engines in their regions by coming to the table, admitting defeat, and focusing on the wellbeing of their citizens—instead of revenge and attempting the same losing battles.

The Arab World has yet to genuinely try diplomacy. And no, calling this out isn’t racist, denial, or Islamophobic.

There was enough land and resources for all people in the 1930s and 1940s. The land was a sparsely populated area after decades (centuries!) of colonial neglect. You have to start there to understand that the Arab League and early Palestinian leaders never tried diplomacy; they walked away from every discussion with the League of Nations, later the United Nations, only asserting that they would not allow a Jewish nation anywhere in the Middle East.

They then started a revolt against the British, a civil war against the Jews, the war of 1948 (an attempted finishing of the Holocaust), and every war lost since. Yet their defenders say “Of course, they can’t negotiate! Their land was stolen!” Had they tried diplomacy, they would have much more land than they do now and more than they’ll ever get; it was half empty in 1948.

They just don’t want Jews anywhere near them.

See Oslo. Disingenuous. War of Return.


To be disingenuous is to deceive; to feign one position while actually deeply holding another.

Disingenuous arguments are designed to mislead and waste time. They include disinformation, bad intent, and entering the conversation deceptively.

This is one step further than a Bad Faith argument, “one thrown out to obscure a hidden agenda, coming to the negotiation table with no intent of reaching an outcome,” Ray Dubicki writes.

The Israel-Palestine “debate” is full of disingenuous people and arguments. They have no intention of hearing Jews or Israelis, or of forging a path to peace that involves Israel’s survival and Jewish safety literally anywhere in the world. Yet they throw around the word “peace” while embracing extremist rhetoric that not only calls for Israel’s destruction but in doing so, perpetuates this 100-year conflict and only harms Palestinians further.

The attempts at diplomacy have been disingenuous by the Arab leadership. They come to the table, are offered everything they ask (and often more!), far more than any other losing army gets offered in other conflicts. And they turn it down again and again and launch devastating terror attacks that harm their people, egged on by the masses—mostly Westerners who’ve never known the horrors of war or terror attacks.

See: Comments. DARVO. Fallacy. Sealioning. Straw Man. Troll.


Sadly, civilians are displaced in every war. Modern dialogue hinges on the disingenuous claim that Jews merely existing in the land and immigrating to it amounted to unforgivable offenses deserving of violent responses (see: Hebron, 1929). That the same people, largely leftists who are pro-immigration and anti-violence for any other groups, are suddenly on the side of Nazi history and also don’t understand how demographic shifts work, is both sad and ironic.

More Jews than Arabs were displaced in the 1947-48 war and in the immediate aftermath; we don’t dwell on it and insist on violent fantasies of revenge. Quite the opposite; the Jews of the Yishuv—the early Israeli government—were determined to build a nation; the Arab League and Palestinians were determined to destroy ours, and thus, didn’t build one of their own. The obsession with right of return and displacing even more people than in 1948 (10x the number!) is a symptom of that. It stalls peace.

See Decolonize Palestine. UNRWA. War of Return. Plan Dalet. Refugee.