American Genocide, Redux

American Genocides: Native American genocide (continual, unacknowledged) African slave trade and Black oppression (unacknowledged, as of yet atoned) Unnecessary nuclear bombings of Japan used solely as tests and a warning to Russia, 1945 D*n*ld Tr*mp’s ignoring a pandemic to let it kill his political enemies, then actively spreading it, 2020 (emphasis on highly disproportionate mortality and health outcomes based on […]

040: Freedom in the time of Shavuot

Listening to people steeped in privilege complain of their oppression and compare it to slavery is particularly hard if you’re a person of color. It’s difficult to process, too, as a queer person, or a Jewish or Muslim person. Freedom ends when you harm others. “Freedom” means something radically different to groups accustomed to dominating and oppressing others. via GIPHY […]