061 | Nefesh, Jewgrass, Superbloom and A Debut Album: Support This Amazing Jewish Community!

Part of a series on my Jewish Journey, by Bobby Apperson In 2019 I wrote on picking a Jewish community in Los Angeles. Despite the pandemic and three moves since it began, I’m still in the Nefesh community and in fact, been working for this dynamic Jewish start-up and community-but-not-called-a synagogue for some time. The people and uniquely vibrant, activist, […]

American Genocide, Redux

American Genocides: Native American genocide (continual, unacknowledged) African slave trade and Black oppression (unacknowledged, as of yet atoned) Unnecessary nuclear bombings of Japan used solely as tests and a warning to Russia, 1945 D*n*ld Tr*mp’s ignoring a pandemic to let it kill his political enemies, then actively spreading it, 2020 (emphasis on highly disproportionate mortality and health outcomes based on […]