Politics, Fascism, and Antisemitism
Violence Against Jews Is Never Justified.

Violence Against Jews Is Never Justified.

Stop killing us. Stop killing Jews!

There’s a new trend on the far right and the far left to compare Jews to Nazis, then justify killing civilians, including Jews. What a dangerous, dumb inversion of history and morality.

Just because you’ve found a new way to justify murdering Jews doesn’t mean this time it’s any different.

Killing Jews is and always has been evil, and killing civilians (I can’t believe I have to say this), is an act of evil and a war crime.

No, shooting civilians in Tel Aviv is NOT the same as Ukrainians killing Russian soldiers. Just, NO.

Peace in the Middle East comes when both sides want peace, when violence STOPS, when life is respected in the West Bank as it is in Tel Aviv. Revenge is a wheel, a cycle that never ends, and leaves peace behind it in the mud and grime.