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There’s a Term for Those Who Enable Fascism

There’s a Term for Those Who Enable Fascism

This lovely piece in the Intelligencer came out after the January 6, 2021 terrorist attack on the US capitol. Rats are fleeing the sinking ship that is Trumpism.

For perhaps the first time it was clear to the Pro-Trump Right and his motley crew of enablers that he was a danger to white Republicans (them) and not just to everyone else, minorities and scapegoats first. Voilà, overnight they realized he’s a fascist. No, they just realized they could be held to account. He tried to off some of them that day, and that’s the only reason they care, or at very least that this couldn’t slide with the Dems so naturally, now they’re outraged because it affects them and their political and legal futures.

There’s a term for these people: Fascists. Read on below.

Instagram embed from @doingjewish above. Caption reads:

Thoughts and prayers to these enablers who didn’t realize that fascism is Muslim bans and kids in cages and forced sterilization and believing Putin over our own government and adoring dictators in [North Korea] and the Philippines and Turkey and betraying our allies for fascists and obstructing valid investigations that would exonerate you if you were actually innocent and giving tax breaks to oligarchs and ignoring mass death because it’s liberal cities and appointing family members and billionaires and incompetent cabinet and judges and encouraging political and sectarian violence against Muslims, Jews, and others. Your policy goals that you clung to this monster for were fascism all along. @gop tax policy bred 40 years of income inequality that always leads to fascism and mass suffering. You’re fascists, too. You don’t get to wash your hands of the past 5 years. We see you for who you are.

Bobby Apperson

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