Politics, Fascism, and Antisemitism
Photo: Stare Hatred, Ignorance, and Racism in the Face.

Photo: Stare Hatred, Ignorance, and Racism in the Face.

We need this reminder right now: Post-Election Slow-Motion Coup Madness

Trump’s face says it all here. Not only couldn’t he make eye contact 4 years ago, he’s making “apology face” and pursing his lips. He’s ashamed, and he knows what he really is. Obama, meanwhile, looked him in the eye and invited him into the Oval Office after years of fake racist “birther” bullshit. (Continued below photo)

We are in a sad, strange space right now. This orange goblin is trying to do as much damage to us and the world on his way down, and the reconstruction will take years. Reconstituting our culture, norms, and social fabric may be impossible.

Photo above: President Obama and President Rump shaking hands, November 2016, and the bloated bigot can not be bothered to make eye contact because he knows he’s a shameful racist sack. Caption says:

“When you see hatred, ignorance, and racism, stare it in the face. It probably won’t have the courage to look back.”

I am feeling this as a Jew, as a queer, and for my BIPOC siblings and at-risk communities. Stay strong.