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018: The Lego Sukkot Movie, Etrog on My Face, and Study

018: The Lego Sukkot Movie, Etrog on My Face, and Study

Who loves Sukkot? I’m kind of obsessed! This brilliant Bim Bam video is a fun explainer of the fall harvest festival holiday presented in glorious Lego Movie-style. I’m eagerly awaiting more like this. Lego Exodus? All of Genesis? Lego Israeli-Palestinian conflict? The full-length feature Lego on the Roof? Schindler’s Lego?

There are others like this that tell Torah stories that aren’t Bim Bam quality. Jonah, Joshua, the Good Samaritan, and of course lots of cartoon versions.

Lego Movies list
This, but the superheroes are Super Hebrowes

The Lego Sukkot Movie, Etrog on My Face, and Study

Videos have been a great supplement to my reading. I’m also loving Nuroots and their amazing graphics, so give them a follow. This one (bottom) shows what Lego (wo)man is holding, the Lulav and the Etrog.

In my last post I made a brilliant pun about life giving you lulavs. Well, I had it backwards. The lulav is the palm frond, the etrog is the citrus. My mistake, and now I have etrog on my face. (But I won’t edit my pun, dang it).

The etrog is referred to as “Citrus fruit” (Etz Hadar), and the Lulav is referred to as “Palm branches” (Kapot t’marim). Each species is said to kabbalistically represent an aspect of the user’s body; the lulav represents the spine, the myrtle the eyes, the willow the lips, and the etrog represents the heart.


I’ve finally completed the two main books I started. To Life: A Celebration of Jewish Being and Thinking is a part of my course reading. I’d already begun Judaism’s 10 Best Ideas: A Brief Guide for Seekers when Rabbi Susan said it was on her reading list for me. It’s a brilliant guide that I plan to read again. In fact, part of my conversion process and study with the Rabbi is compiling my own list!

It’s my mother’s birthday and I sent her copies of both of these books. She was so excited for it. Stay tuned for that book report!

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The Lego Sukkot Movie, Etrog on My Face, and Study

October 29, 2019 / Posted November 11, 2019