New Orleans Road Trip: Sleeping in a former Synagogue, and the Southern Jewish Experience at a New Museum

On our road trip and 3-month sojourn in Mexico, we now found ourselves in the American South: New Orleans, my birthplace, and new home to both the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience (5 Star!) and an Airbnb called Synagogue, in a former synagogue, with all history removed and in its stead, Christian art (decidedly NOT 5 stars). Read my reviews of both with photos, and get yourself to NOLA! ??⚜️

046 | Unorthodox, One of Us, Shtisel: My Orthodox Netflix Crash-Course

It’s peak Netflix in general, but also for Jewish and Haredi content. Here’s what I learned. One of Us Netflix, 2017 (Yiddish, English) Netflix documentary One of Us highlights the plights of ultraorthodox Jews who fled the community and like Esty in Unorthodox (below), didn’t exactly leave easily. One lives in a camper in LA, another faces terrible harassment and […]