040: Freedom in the time of Shavuot

Listening to people steeped in privilege complain of their oppression and compare it to slavery is particularly hard if you’re a person of color. It’s difficult to process, too, as a queer person, or a Jewish or Muslim person. Freedom ends when you harm others. “Freedom” means something radically different to groups accustomed to dominating and oppressing others. via GIPHY […]

032: The Big Birthday, Uncertainty, & Pikuach Nefesh: Saving Lives & Taking Care of Ourselves

Uncertainty. We’re all united in it right now, are we not? My Rabbi Susan Goldberg spoke so well of it from our recent Nefesh community Zoom call. Uncertainty is bewildering and draining and we’re all going through it right now, for a very long period of time. We don’t know the ending. I’m beginning to appreciate the wisdom that cancer […]