041: A little Torah for Shavuot: Don’t be a mask-hole. Shavuot round-up, Converts, & Ruth

A little torah (study) for Shavuot follows; Shavuot is the Jewish holiday that once was a harvest festival and now is an all-night, dairy-binging, torah-studying celebration of Sinai, learning, and Jewish converts. That’s me! And this will complete a full year’s cycle of Jewish holidays for me. Conversion date: TBD! Torah as promised. Ahem, I may have mentioned this before. […]

040: Freedom in the time of Shavuot

Listening to people steeped in privilege complain of their oppression and compare it to slavery is particularly hard if you’re a person of color. It’s difficult to process, too, as a queer person, or a Jewish or Muslim person. Freedom ends when you harm others. “Freedom” means something radically different to groups accustomed to dominating and oppressing others. via GIPHY […]